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Freshdesk Support Ticket Assessment Procedures

Freshdesk is the external support ticket system available to all VetView users.  As of February 1, 2014, VetView's assessment and closing of support tickets through Freshdesk will follow these steps:

  1.  When received, the problem will be assessed as either a "question" or a "problem."
    1.a. If the ticket is a question, the question will be answered via Freshdesk by a VetView associate, and the ticket status will be changed to "pending" until responded to by the reporter. The process will then skip to step 8.
    1.b. If the ticket is a problem, the process will follow all steps listed.
  2. Problems submitted through Freshdesk will be worked through and tested by a VetView associate. If an error can not be readily reproduced, more information may be required. If more information is required, a response will be sent via Freshdesk to the reporter, and the ticket will be placed in "pending" status.
  3. If an error can be reproduced, a ticket will be created in JIRA- VetView's internal ticketing system- and sent to a developer. The original Freshdesk ticket will then be put in "open" status, with a link to the JIRA ticket included in the comment field. 
    NOTE- If VetView generates a ticket using new images from production data, sensitive information will be obscured. 
  4. When the fix has been submitted by a developer in JIRA, a support team member will test the fix multiple times to verify the fix and its surrounding elements. Upon verification, the ticket will be set to "Resolved" in JIRA, which corresponds to "Finished in Development" in the Freshdesk support system. The ticket submitter will be notified of the status change.
  5. When the ticket has been closed in JIRA, which corresponds to when it is put in a downloadable VetView release, the linked Freshdesk ticket will be moved to the "In Released VetView Version" status. The ticket will remain in this state for a minimum of 3 months or until the fix has been tested by the reporter.
  6. After three months pending, the Freshdesk ticket will be commented on by VetView regarding its inactivity. 
  7. From the comment of inactivity, the reporter will have two additional weeks to respond either that the fix has been tested or that more time is needed. If the reporter responds that the fix is tested and ready, VetView will close the ticket. (If additional time is needed, that will be given.)
  8. If, after the additional two week comment period, there has still been no response to the ticket, the ticket will be closed due to inactivity.
  9. If a ticket has been closed but requires further conversation/action, it can be reopened by making a comment on it.


Tips for Submitting Support Tickets

When submitting a support ticket, it is important to keep in mind the following tips, which will help to speed the process of resolving a ticket:

  • Please submit support tickets in the appropriate way- email issues to In the case of an emergency, please call the on-call team member at 706-538-3637. Additional emergency information is available on the Wiki homepage: Home
  • Provide the VetView team with as much information as possible. If you encounter an error, please submit a screenshot of the error, as well as the stacktrace log and the steps you took to encounter the error. If you have a question regarding specific features or set-up detail, a screenshot of the area you are working in will help VetView to answer your questions.
    NOTE- When submitting screenshots of errors, please be sure to obscure any sensitive information.
  • Also include the version of VetView that you using when experiencing the error and whether this is your production or test environment.  
  • Feel free to follow up on a submitted ticket if you have not received a response within 72 hours. Occasionally, a ticket may not come through properly. 
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