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Project Team

Jeff Duke, Project Manager – Electronic Medical Record System (EMRS) and Laboratory Information Management System (LIMS) project manager for the University of Georgia for the past five years, Jeff has actively been involved with the products for seven years. His strong leadership has allowed the college to implement new modules, support process adoption, develop interfaces to external application components, and integrate business units into the EMRS / LIMS product solution. He has also served on the EMRS / LIMS executive committee for the past 3 years. Jeff’s success is based on the functional expertise he has gained working in a variety of veterinary and laboratory management environments. Paired with keen technical insights, he is able to bridge the gap that often exists between the business and usability requirements of end users and the technical and support needs of the information technology professional.

EMRS / LIMS Project Manager Role for UGA since 2005, and has worked with the EMRS / LIMS since 2003. He has also served as president of the EMRS / LIMS User Group for the past three years. He has been instrumental supporting the EMRS / LIMS for the Diagnostic Laboratory and Teaching Hospital so they may implement new business processes and functionality into the EMRS / LIMS. Jeff has also migrated the University of Georgia’s Tifton, Georgia based Diagnostic Laboratory and other sub-labs into the EMRS / LIMS.

Stuart Kimbell, Application Developer – Stuart has been a developer of web applications utilizing open source tools for over ten years. Java has been his primary programming language. Throughout his career, Stuart has been a part of developing and deploying over ten web applications supporting the University of Georgia.

Stuart has worked at UGA for all of his 15-year professional career. He began his career working for UGA’s Enterprise Information Technology Services (EITS) in a department known as Administrative Information Systems (AIS). It was at AIS that Stuart was a part of several large production web applications. During his six years at AIS he was a vital player in developing web applications supporting UGA’s payroll system (ePayroll), accounts payable (eCheck Request) and accounting (Personnel Activity Reports – ePAR). Stuart was the lead developer on the University’s Emergency Alert System known as UGAalert; overseeing this project from its initial design to campus deployment.

In 2007, Stuart was hired by the University of Georgia Center for Continuing Education to develop a number of web applications supporting the University’s conference center and hotel. At the Georgia Center, he developed and deployed six production web applications in his nearly 4 years of employment. The applications he developed included a new hotel reservation website, conference registration website, and Independent and Distance Learning course registration application.

Jevon Maynard, Application Developer – (bio pending)

Coty Rothery, Application Developer – (bio pending)

Rick Eggleston, Business/Application Analyst -  With a Bachelor of Landscape Architecture from Kansas State University and additional study in mechanical engineering, business administration and accounting, Rick has a diverse education background which has always had a significant focus on technology.  After working as a landscape architect and being mostly self-taught in software development, he entered the field as a consultant and developer then progressed into software design and project management.

With more than 15 years of experience as a consultant in software development, Rick has worked in a variety of industries including timeshare management, employee background verification and information management, employer health services and management, health insurance, and credit reporting. In these positions, he was responsible for building and supporting applications for employee background verification, property management and accounting, web portals for BCBS and Experian, electronic medical records management (EMR), and billing and collections.  His roles in software development specifically have included developer, technical manager, project manager, and business analyst.

Rick joined the VetView team in October 2013, with insight into the world of veterinary medicine from his twin brother Dr. Randy Eggleston who is an Clinical Professor at the College of Veterinary Medicine, Department of Large Animal Medicine.

Since moving to Athens in 2013, Rick has become an avid cyclist, riding many long-distance rides of up to 100 miles per day, for two days in a row.

Apart from technology, Rick’s interests include reading, camping, mountain biking, road cycling, photography, woodworking, and the art of baking bread.  He also worked as a firefighter and emergency medical technician for many years while in high school and college.

Cathy Allison, Business/Application Analyst – (bio pending)

Andrew Hanneman - Client Support  

Product User Group

The Product User Group is a customer-based group that:

  • Provides a community forum for the redesign process and for the design of new functional components
  • Sets the priorities of the project issues and enhancements
  • Participates in a community forum for questions and answers
  • Shares experiences
  • Serves as a resource for feature adoption and setup

Steering Committee

The Steering Committee is an administrative and accountability reporting entity that oversees:

  • Hiring new staff
  • Office space setup and maintenance
  • Fiscal reporting

Steering Committee members:

  • Dr. Gary Baxter – Committee Chair and Director for The UGA Veterinary Teaching Hospital
  • Ron Stewart – Administrator, The UGA Veterinary Teaching Hospital
  • Dr. Keith Harris – Department Head, Department of Veterinary Pathology, which includes the Georgia Veterinary Diagnostic Laboratories
  • Matt Blankenship – Director of Information Technology Services, UGA College of Veterinary Medicine