About VetView

What is VetView?

VetView is an enterprise web-based Veterinary Hospital Software and Laboratory Management Software product designed to make data entry, data collection, and data reporting intuitive for veterinarians, clinicians, and diagnosticians.

VetView is built around the work-flows that the veterinarian community has adopted as best practices.

Who developed VetView?

VetView was not developed by a private business or corporation. VetView’s project team is part of the University of Georgia. VetView was developed in close concert with its clients, including partnering Veterinary Teaching Hospitals, Veterinary Diagnostic Laboratories, and Veterinary Clinical Pathology Laboratories.

VetView is Web-Based

VetView is web-based and operates independently of browsers and operating systems. This means that VetView users can work from any computer using the browser of their choice (VetView has been tested on IE, Firefox, Chrome, Safari, and Opera).  VetView was developed using current web technologies and does not rely on browser plugins or special software that end-users must install.

VetView is Dynamic and Agile

VetView is a dynamic product that can change quickly as industry trends change. VetView’s Veterinary Hospital Software and Laboratory Management Software is not tied to any specific vendor. VetView is operating system agnostic so that the technical resources of your institution can deploy VetView on a platform in which they already have core technical competencies. VetView will continue to stay current with web application best practices as the product evolves.

VetView Development is Open and Transparent

VetView is open and transparent with its partnering institutions. VetView uses Jira to communicate with its partners about:

  • Bug Fixes - tied directly to product versions.
  • Release Dates - complete with comprehensive release notes.
  • Versions - current and archive versions available for download at any time.

VetView also operates a User Group Forum that allows partnering institutions to have questions answered by the VetView product team, as well as those in the VetView community.

Join VetView

VetView is the future of veterinary hospital software and laboratory management software.  If your institution is interested in learning more, please contact us.